Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LadyBirds clay

Cute ladybirds clay to be made into different designs...

#1 Keychains

Price = RM 25

#2 Handphone Strap

Price = RM 15

#3 Necklace

Price = RM 15

These are handmade items by me. :) The ladybirds were made with polymer clay and baked at 110 deg C for 45minutes.
They are cute, aren't them? :)
Now you can order them by emailing me.
You can choose the design (#1, #2 or/and #3) you want.
You can customize your design... All you need to tell me are the quantity of ladybirds you want and what you want it/them to make into. I will draft out the design and send to you together with the quotation.
Each ladybirds will cost RM 15.
Discount will be given if you ordered more...

**In order to limit the items this design order is only available till end of September (30/09/09). Please email before September ends. :)


  1. Super cute! :D I like the first one.

  2. so cute... if I order the above three items will I get discount?

  3. hello, please email me at h_kheah@hotmail.com and we shall discuss from there k? :)